Land Clearing

Universal Land Clearing, LLC has a variety of large machinery fit for any land clearing project. Our machines are efficient, powerful and get the job done right!
We specialize in environmental clearing services.

Do You Have A Large Land Clearing Project?

At Universal Land Clearing we have track machines and rubber tire machines which are suited for a variety of existing land conditions. These machines distribute low pressure in order to minimize ground disturbance. They provide a mulch cover that helps stabilize the soil and stop erosion. And they allow us to clear areas with efficiency while minimizing the environmental foot print.

What We do?

    • Trenching & Excavating
    • Grubbing and Grinding
    • Stump Pulling & Removal
    • Fencing for Livestock & Exotics
    • Brush Clearing & Bush Hogging
    • Specific Trees/Vegetation Clearing
    • Burn (wherever permitted)
    • Residential & Commercial Land Leveling
    • Haul off and dispose material to offsite area
    • “Hand Clearing” in environmental sensitive areas
    • Wood Chipping & Mulching (leaving material onsite)